Brave New World; Community, Identity, Stability

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Brave New World expresses and reflects the modern world using the social and self conflicts throughout the utopia world. Everyone has felt alone or confused about whom they are and where they want to be. No one can go through life without lessons learned. Huxley interpreted real life situations into this sci-fi novel. Issues about family, love, religion, and friends are all addressed and helps to get a better understanding of one self. Going through the situation is not always effective. Reading about someone else’s life and what they went though can help in the future. Community, identity and stability are things everyone has concern about, whether it is sooner or later. When John is brought into the New World he is disgusted by what he sees. It is a place where the people are essentially powerless. They have no sense of self worth or the ability to clearly think for themselves. He is from a small village where things function as it would have today. They have live births, freedom of speech and thought, and believe deeply in religion. When first introduced to John, a religious ceremony was taking place where someone from the pueblo was whipped to please Jesus. John, who was born and raised in the pueblo, was highly upset that he was not chosen to be the sacrifice. They people of the Savage Reservation disliked him because he was not one of them. He was a blonde hair blue eyed boy amongst dark hair and bronzed skin. “‘They dislike me for my complexion. It’s always been that way. Always.’ Tears stood in the young man’s eyes; he was ashamed and turned away.” (117) The only place he could call home did not even accept him. Instantly he is not apart of the community but an outcast. Growing up with a mother form the New World, John has heard so much about it. He has always dreamed of visiting. Once there it isn’t like imaged. Instantly John nothing than a mere

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