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Media Response 1 The creators of Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology and the founders of Brain Gym International, Gail and Paul E. Dennison, claim that all 26 Brain Gym movements improve your LIFE--reading, writing, spelling, math, test taking, vision, hearing, concentration, focus, locomotion, recall and memory, physical coordination, relationships, arousal, self-responsibility, fine-motor control, balance, organizational and postural skills, and even hyperactivity and attitude! WOW Step One: What’s their Authority? * Paul E. Dennison is a professional educator, a pioneer in his field of kinesiology, has a Doctorate in Education, and received the PHI Delta Capa award for outstanding research at the University of Southern California. * Gail is an artist and movement educator and has served as the executive editor for the Brain Gym Journal. I searched all of Brain Gym International’s Board of Directors: Phyllis Books; Board Chair, Moira Dempsey; Australia, Shellie Dicus; Chair-Elect, Bonnie Hershey; Treasurer, Lydia Knutson; Cambridge, and Matthew Thie; Los Angeles and found nothing I also searched names of the Brain Gym Authorized Distributors which were: Sumiati Said; Singapore, Kenichi (Dharma) Ishimaru; Japan, Sigrid Loos; Italy, Mongkok Harbour Centre; China, Noraini Mahmood; Bahrain, Barry Summerfield; Austailia, and Anne Doig; New Zealand. Interesting-“For English language versions of Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc. Brain Gym® books, please contact the authorized distributor nearest you.” After that statement they give the list of names with their contact information and location, and there is not one in the United States! * Anne Doig(not an expert of Brain Gym) is reachable at Aspecial Enterprises Ltd (06-878-8694), is an Authorized Distributor for Brain Gym, and she obviously knows that she distributing for a company that hasn't been

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