Ex. 3 Chap. 4 Week 3

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Running Heading: SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Skills Development Exercise 1 & Report ------- MGMT 592 Leadership in the 21st Century Instructor: Dr. Robert Erickson 1. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Review the six self-assessment exercises in this chapter. List your three major strengths and areas that can be improved: Strengths: 1. I tend to have a positive attitude in my personal and work life. This has helped me work through difficult situations in both areas in my life. The text also mentions that an optimistic mind set is essential for a successful leader. 2. I’m naturally open to new experiences in all aspects of life therefore if a new procedure is asked to be followed at work I tend to look for the positive in every new experience. 3. I am sensitive to others at work and at home. For instance when I need to confront an employee on an area they need to improve on I consider the time and place in which it would be appropriate. I make sure we discuss the matter in private and I go about the situation in a respectful manner. Areas to Improve: 1. An area in which I need to improve is my-self concept. My attitude towards myself is not necessarily positive. I tend to be critical and doubt my-self efficiency. I need to become more confident and trust my decision making. 2. Dominance over conflict or employees is certainly something I need to work on. To be able to dominate and lead a team (for instance) I first and foremost need to work on my confidence. Only then would I be able to lead. 3. Self confidence has always been an area in which I have struggled with. I was raised to be humble…very humble therefore I naturally belittle my accomplishments. I also second guess myself constantly during decision making. Report Our text shows that each of us have the potential to become not only leaders but great leaders at that.

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