Ebt1 Task 2 Essay

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Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Task Two Donald M. Jacobsen Western Governors University Types of Sources of Evidence AAP/AAFP, 2004 This is a filtered source, because it is a journal found directly on the AAP website. The AAP website does not store a database of general resources. Block, 1997 This is an unfiltered source. The journal resides on OvidSP, which contains health sciences and biomedical literature on a variety of topics. Kelley, Friedman & Johnson, 2007 This is an unfiltered source. This comes from a textbook that could be found in a general library. McCracken, 1998 As with the Block article, this article is found on OvidSP, which makes it an unfiltered source. Interviews The interviews are a general information source. They do not reside on any database. They are pieces of anecdotal evidence brought in by other nurses in the clinic. Appropriateness of Sources of Evidence AAP/AAFP, 2004 This article is appropriate because it directly addresses the issue of watchful waiting versus prescription of antibiotics for children with uncomplicated acute otitis media. Block, 1997 This article is not appropriate. It does not address watchful waiting as an alternative to antibiotics. Instead, it recommends other antibiotics to combat penicillin-resistant organisms. Kelley, Friedman & Johnson, 2007 This article is appropriate. It discusses watchful waiting as one of a number of treatment options for acute otitis media. It also discusses the overuse of antibiotics for acute otitis media that is viral in origin. McCracken, 1998 This article is not appropriate. It only recommends alternative antibiotics if initial antibiotic therapy does not work. The article does not explore alternatives to antibiotic therapy. Interviews The interviews are most likely not appropriate. It appears that the clinic

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