Walgreens Complaints

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Kristy Krause BA 178 News Article Report Nov 16, 2010 Walgreens Complaints- I went to Walgreens to buy tooth brushes that were on sale, it is in the ad as Cologate 360. I purchased them. WhenI got to the car and looked I was charged $4.49 and it was suppose to be on sale for $2.99. I took it back in and the manager said it as the Cologate 360 with a yellow mark on it. hen he tried to find one and there was only the one I bought. I asked him why the non- sale ones were in the slot where the sale item was suppose to be. He said well you need to look for the right one. They were the exact same except for a yellow sticker!!! Bull! They put the non- sale there so people are tricked!!!! The other Walgreens stores in Portland, Oregon always have the sale…show more content…
We were in the store to purchase Halloween stuff. I was at the end of the isle looking at movies and when I confronted her after hearing it she stated it was bad parenting. Because of this lady we put slot of our stuff back and will not be going to this particular Walgreens again. They will be losing a customer that spends a lot of money in their store due to bad customer service. Walgreens has Reach toothbrushes on sale for $.99 each. I had 2 coupons for 2/$2.00 and went into the West Burnside store to purchase them. The sales person told me I could not use the coupons that I brought, nor could I use the $1.00 off sticky coupon on the toothbrush as they were higher than the amount of the product. I told her I did not want any money back. She told me that the only way I could use the coupons was to NOT use my new Walgreens card and purchase the toothbrushes for $1.99. I have run into this situation with purchasing products from the same Walgreens store prior. I have called and spoken with someone in Corporate who said they would have a person return my call, never
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