Boys And Girls Essay

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In the world there are many boys and girls with similarities and having few differences. In some school boys do not like being in the same class as girls and vice versa. Boys can be naturally better than girls in some areas and there are other areas that a girl can be better than boys. When boys and girls are being compared, boys, are the more rough housing type and likely to mess around and the girls are the more elegant and serene type. Even though the two genders have many differences, I believe that they should not be separated and that same sex should not be implemented in public schools because the outside world is coed and it is not natural to live without the other gender. In many cases boys are seen as lazy, wild, dumb, and sometimes weird. Sometimes people would think boys are doing things wrong because it is not normally what they usually see. Although a boy’s minds and creativity differ from girls. In Weil’s essay she mentions “Japanese researchers found girls drawing typically depict still life’s of people, pets, or flowers, using 10 or more crayons, favoring warm colors like red, green, beige, and brown; boys, on the other hand, draw action, using 6 colors or fewer colors, mostly cool hues like gray, blue, silver, and black”. With this differences, most teachers would say the girls on their pretty drawings or excellent and good use of colors, when the boys hear these kind remarks that are given to the girls, it makes the boys self esteem lower and making them think they are not drawing good or they are drawing incorrectly because it is not similar to a girls drawing. As time goes by with the single gender classes each genders would go through a certain crisis; a girl’s crisis would be that their self esteem is going downhill during the puberty stage, the boys crisis would need to be around females to match the abilities of

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