Cjs/240 Gender And Family Crime

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Gender and Family cjs/240 June 15,2014 Gender and Family When women committed crimes they were usually or thought to be crimes that were associated with sex such as prostitution, running away (which led to sexual mishaps), and crimes of passion which led to the killing of a husband or a boyfriend. It was thought that women barely disregarded the law. It was proposed that females who violated the law were thought to have biological and psychological trait equivalent to those of men this is referred to as the masculinity hypothesis(chap.6 p.136). Although female delinquency is still lower than male delinquency it is expanding at a quicker rate then males. However women are also committing similar crimes as males. There are believed to…show more content…
If a child has a family who lives in poverty this may affect delinquency if the child comes from a family with little to no education. If a child comes from a family who is poverty stricken and they live in a low income neighborhood surrounded by violence or criminal acts that’s all they are learning to do. If a child sees a parent, sibling, cousin and so on selling drugs they may be influenced to sell drugs also. If the people in the child’s family are not setting good examples the child is observing their behavior and will most likely will repeat the behavior. Broken homes contributed to delinquent behavior and the child is more susceptible to antisocial behavior. Blended families are considered to influence delinquent behavior also because the home is not as stable as a home with both biological parents in this situation a many children will be subjected to family breakup at least 2 or 3 times. Many studies have proven that a child that experiences family breakups develop more behavior problems than children with stable families…show more content…
If a male participates in the same deviant acts regarded to sex as the female he is more likely to get a pass in some situations unlike the girl. They are not given the same space, supplies, and privileges as males, do to this and other circumstances I do feel like females are treated more unfairly then males are. I think in some way the justice system expects more from females then males so therefore that is not equal treatment. Research has proven in order to decrease juvenile delinquency the children must have secure, solid, strong, and steady environments at home and at school. Delinquency will never fully go away but it can be prevented if they have the right support and the right people in their lives to show and teach them the correct

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