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Hammer Bowling balls is one of the biggest names in the bowling industry, not only do they have bowling balls, they have other accessories to go along with the balls, like shoes, wrist guards, bowling bags. Many professional bowlers are sponsored by Hammer, which also gives the bowling ball company good publicity, if you see a big name throw a ball and get a strike many people will also want to bowl like they do, and they think that the ball is what does it, but it also takes practice. When you are an avid bowler like many people are, people often wonder what kind of bowling ball to use. There are many things that need to be considered when purchasing a bowling ball. Even though there are many brands available and many different kinds in those brands, avid bowlers tend to look at the Differential Ratio, Hook Rating, Core, Lane conditions, and price. The Hammer Bowling ball is a very popular brand out on the market today, it is used by many professional bowlers young and old. Two of the most popular bowling balls made by Hammer is the Backlash and the Infection. Let’s compare these two balls by Differential Ratio, Hook Rating, Core, Lane conditions and the price. The Differential Ratio on the Backlash ranges from .030 on a 16# ball to .055 on a 13# ball, where as the Ratio on the Infection range from .039 on a 12#ball to .056 on a 14#ball. The higher the differential Ratio the better chance that the ball will hook. That is where the Hook rating comes into place, The hook on the Backlash is 7(cover3, core2, finish2) as where the hook rating on the Infection is 21(cover6, core7, finish5). Now let us look and see what the core difference is of each ball. The Backlash has a saucer core, which means that the center of the ball has a weight in the middle that looks like a saucer. The Infection has a biohazard core, which means that with this core the weight is

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