Summary: The History And Science Behind Americas Pastime

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The History and Science Behind Americas Pastime Shane Zeysing Grantham University The popular game that gained fame as being 'America's favorite pastime' is none other than the brisk game of baseball. There are many controversies and debate that go with the origin of baseball. Cricket, Baseball, softball running games and rounders are believed to have taken shape from primitive type of community games. Even though the name has no clear relation many games were popularly played that somewhat resemble modern day baseball. There were different ball games that were known by amusing names like stool ball, goal ball and even poison ball. A few historical sources point that in the year 1700, Thomas Wilson who was considered a conformist leader in England condemned the game of baseball and a few other sports that took place every Sunday. There are interesting facts related to baseball. One of such reports come from David block who says that stoolball was the…show more content…
To get down to the science of it the weight of an aluminum bat is too light the Major Leagues, this would give them greater force making it easier for players to hit a pitch. The typical wooden bat is made out of maple or ash which requires more skill to drive the ball. Wooden bats also protect the players, bats made out of other materials, such as aluminum, would present to much risk to the players on defense due to their enhanced ability to hit the ball harder. Another reason for the Major Leagues using the wooden bat is the expense, the affordability. Even though the players go through more wooden bats during the season the cost of the wooden bat is less expensive and more cost effective than other

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