Compare And Contrast Baseball And Softball Essay

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Sarah DiPietro Yellow or White? ENG 99 One, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game! But the real question is which ball game are you out in? It could either be softball or baseball. One is played by girls and the other is played by boys. However, there is more to both ball games then the gender to distinguish them. To compare and contrast the two you need to determine the different techniques, determine the different rules and identify the similarities. Softball and Baseball seems like the same sport but have a few major differences. In a softball game a pitcher can last the whole game and even withstand throwing a double header because they have a special type of pitching which is called “the…show more content…
Firstly both sports play on the iconic diamond shaped field with three bases and home plate. This makes it easy for the average person to assume that the two sports are exactly the same, even with obvious reasons. Also both sports have same basic goal of getting a batter to hit the ball make it all the way around the bases to get to home plate to score. Each team is given three chances per inning to achieve this goal. Games of softball and baseball are both observed by umpires who make sure the rules are followed and determine whether a player is out or safe, a ball is foul, and if a pitch is a strike or a ball, etc.. Finally, and most importantly, both sports are indicative of the U.S. pasttime, and are immensely popular to our nation today. People of all skill levels from little league to professional athlete can play of these sports, making them popular not only in the U.S., but around the world. These similarities between the two sports show that they are closely linked and not completely different as we tend to see them. These were just some of the similarities and differences between softball and baseball. They seem to be so much alike, but it turns out there are far more differences than most people would suspect. Whether it is softball or baseball, they are both fun and entertaining sports that require a certain amount of skill level. Like the old saying “Don’t

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