Borne Identity Diagnosis Psych 101

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The movie I chose for this extra credit assignment is The Borne Identity with the main character with the disorder being Jason borne. Throughout the movie Jason a highly trained assassin struggles with a form of amnesia. The entire movie was based around this struggle and his disorder played a very poignant role in the film. The movie begins with him floating in the Mediterranean Sea shot twice in the back with no memory of what occurred. Even so he retained most of the training and education as well as languages he has learned before his memory loss. If I were to have to diagnose Jason Borne with a mental disorder would have to say that he has dissociative amnesia. It isn’t till the very end of the movie that you find out how the amnesia actually occurred. You discover that on a mission he encountered a mental conflict. He was about to kill his target when he notices a child in his lap which caused a large mental amnesia onset when his drive to kill was confronted with his moral values. So as a defense mechanism his mind gave him amnesia to try and cope and more importantly to try and start a new life that is actually normal. Once he saw the child his subconscious asked if what he was doing is really morally right or not. He was lucky enough to get a form of amnesia that is kinesthetic which is to say that it allowed him to retain his earlier training and languages and other things he had learned over time before his amnesia. His mental disorder greatly affected his personality. Before the amnesia it can be assumed that he was a simple minded and cold blooded assassin like the others he encounters during the film but due to the mental conflict his personality greatly differs. His mind most likely caused the disorder to create the change to become a better kinder somewhat more normal person. I suppose ironically what drives Jason has to be his disorder. Through

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