Mice And Men Argumentative Essay

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Of Mice and Men Argumentative Essay In “Of Mice and Men”, by John Steinbeck, George, the stories protagonist, is forced to make a very hard choice with none of the three outcomes having a happy ending. George was faced with three options, one of which was to shoot his best friend Lennie. George ends up having to shoot his long time friend. And although it is generally accepted that it was the right decision, how is George able to justify his actions? And were they justifiable at all? In my opinion George’s actions at the end of the novel of killing Lennie were justifiable because even though it was a hard decision between the three choices he could have made, he weighted all his options and did what he thought was the best option for him and the most humane for Lennie. So the main question we ask is why did he kill Lennie and was it justifiable? The thing is George would not have been able to live with himself if he didn’t kill Lennie himself. George also did everything he could to kill Lennie in the most humane way possible. Lastly George knew couldn’t just run with Lennie like they did after Weed. But by no means was this an easy choice you can tell that George was troubled when asked how he killed Lennie…“ ‘I just done it,’ George said tiredly” (Steinbeck p.107). The first and most prominent reason that George shot Lennie him self was the fact that George would not have been able to live with himself if he had not done it. The thing that you have to understand about Lennie is that he has a mental disability. He can’t really take care of himself as he can’t remember and distrusts everybody but George whom he has a blinding love for. Lennie in many ways is like an animal or even a pet of George’s that George is honour bond to take care of. More then once George thinks about leaving Lennie and living a regular life. “…if I was alone I could live so

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