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\Admits Friday night best chance to avoid test Took some drug tests knowing he could fail • Johns's brother 'thought Joey was dead' RUGBY league legend Andrew Johns says taking drugs when he was playing Friday night matches gave him a better chance of avoiding the NRL’s drug-testers. After news broke yesterday that the former international was caught in London with an ecstasy tablet in his pocket, Johns has revealed he was in the grip of drugs and alcohol throughout his whole playing career and was battling depression. In an interview on the Nine Network's The Footy Show, Johns said he played the biggest games in his career with the thought of taking drugs racing through his mind and how he would play Russian roulette with drug testers.…show more content…
Since 1999, five NRL players have had action taken against them for recreational drug use. Johns admitted there were times when he took a drug test knowing he was pushing his luck. “I’ve had so many close calls,” he said. “I’ve taken tests and thought ‘I could fail this’.” “I’d wake up in the morning and wonder how I’m not on the front of the paper.” Johns stood by his initial claim that the pill was put in his pocket by a complete stranger as he left The Church nightclub in London. Diagnosed with depression But Johns said he knew what the drug was as he had used it many times before, including throughout a brilliant playing career that had many labelling him the best to ever pull on a boot. Johns also said he had been diagnosed with depression "six or seven" years ago and had been taking medication for the condition for the past five years. "Originally I didn't want to take it, because it stabilised me and took away these incredible highs I got and invariably after the highs I crashed to low where I didn't leave the house for four days," he said. "It (drugs) contributed to the way I

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