Border Patrol Persuasive Speech

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Today we are to serious about who goes where. Who is to say that they own land and who is to put borders on it. None of us made this land so why do we claim it and guard it like a prized possession. Why do you need weapons in order to guard land that's not yours. Whats the big deal if someone wants to travel and experience new things? There is no big deal so why cant people just do it? Border Patrol started back in the 1920's. Back then it was simple, just secure the borders between inspection stations where they inspected people stuff. To me that's good enough and there's no need for further action. As long as you can check and make sure there's no chaos going on and violence being brought to the country were good. Now a days there's all this fighting at the border because people want to get out of their crappy countries and they can't handle the expenses of…show more content…
In Mexico it's is no secret that things aren't going smoothly. Their government is corrupt followed by their police enforcement. Their government steals their taxes from them, about 15% (The main reasons, 2008). I don't know about you but I would want to leave if my country was stealing money from me. Law enforcement is abused in many ways. From what I found the police there are police for the entertainment. I mean they do good things when it comes to drug bust and stuff, that is if they aren't using them for their own use and profit. But they Rodney King people on a daily basis for fun. No one wants that type of police force in their community. People want to feel protected by them, not living in fear that if they do the littlest thing wrong like get a traffic ticket they will get beat. They know in America cases like that are rare and compared to theirs, the government is pure. So why would they not want to come to the “land of dreams”? They have nothing to lose and maybe they want something to

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