Police Corruption Essay

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Have you ever walked into a gas station and one of your city Police Officers walk in and get a cup of coffee and then walk out without paying? Because that’s a form of Police corruption. Police corruption occurs in almost every police agency in the United States (U.S.). Corruption isn’t just police taking drugs and money, it consist of bribery and dishonest actions. Big Police corruption happens in big cities like New York (NY) or Los Angeles (LA) when a group of Police Officers want to make more money so they decide to take the money of the criminals when they arrest them. In big cities about one fourth of the police could be corrupt. Many of which get caught do it because they have the power to take money and drugs and get away with it because they are the police. The bad guys are not going to report the police for taking there drugs and money because they would get in trouble for having the drugs and then they wouldn’t be able to prove that the money was theirs so they wouldn’t get it back anyways. What the corrupt police would do was they would take the drugs from the drug dealers and then sell the drugs back to them because they would get in more trouble by the drug provider. Most of the corrupt cops would be making more money in a couple months than they would in a whole years pay. But that’s when they police started to get sloppy with their illegal actions. When police only make on average about $50,000 a year they can’t afford a $250,000 house and a $60,000 car with their income. So that’s when Internal Affairs (I.A.) comes in to investigate. It’s not too hard to figure out that a police officer is spending money that they shouldn’t have. Then you do interrogations and find out that a group of police officers have been raiding drug houses and steeling the cash and drugs then selling these drugs back for more cash. Police officers get sloppy and start
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