Personal Perception Of Organized Crime

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime Naylia Nunn CJA 384 November 21, 2011 Personal Perception of Organized Crime Organized crime is common is society today. There are many types of organized crime. The people who participate in organized crime are from all types of backgrounds and make various excuses for what he or she does. Organized crime is a part of life for some individuals. I would describe organized crime as groups of people taking the time to commit criminal activity without being caught by law enforcement officers. I have in the past thought about the mafia or drug cartels concerning organized crime. I had never given much thought to gangs being a part of organized crime. Many organized crime groups have law enforcement and politicians on their payroll, which disturbs me. The very people whose job is to protect society will deceive people to make illegal money. The politicians that society elects are no better than the corrupt police officers when he or she takes payoffs from organized crime group. Television programs have made me think about organized crime groups as only large groups that make big money. The neighborhood gang is an organized crime group that disrupts the neighborhood and has no respect for members of the community. Movies like American Gangster made me more interested in learning about organized crime groups. I have never understood how someone believes that he or she is above the law. I understand that the help to gain power and wealth comes from law enforcement and politicians. Organized crime groups make large contributions to political campaigns of the people on his or her payroll. Some people will step on anyone in his or her way to achieve his or her goal. People today seem not to have morals or principles. The dollar controls more people than I realized. Organized crime groups work hard to gain wealth and power

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