Book Report On The Secret Life Of Bees

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Book report on The Secret Life of Bees Although the title is called The Secret Life of Bees, this book is not actually about bees. Lily was raised in a broken family. Her mother left her when she was little and her father did not represent the right father figure. The only person that actually loved Lily was ironically Rosaleen. The fact that Rosaleen truly cared for and loved Lily is ironic because Rosaleen is African American while Lily is White. Throughout the book, Lily is desperate to find out about her mother, who she has little memory of. What I learned through this book is that every end is another beginning and also, no matter how much you feel abandoned and alone, there are people out there that love you. Lily leaves home with Rosaleen to Tiburon, South Carolina. As Lily spends time with the Boatwright sisters, she finds out about her mother. Her mother has left her before, she just came back to get her clothes and that was when she was shot and killed. Lily was devastated of this truth. Even though she found out that her mother abandoned her, she is able to create relationships with the Boatwright sisters and Zach. She falls in love and August Boatwright and her community becomes Lily’s new family. Even though her original family has ended, another new family is formed. The end to Lily’s hope that her mother did not really leave her brought another beginning of a

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