There Is Always a Choice. Little Bee

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There is Always a Choice As we go through life, we find that with every step there is a choice that has to be made. Some of these choices are smart and right, and some are selfish and wrong. In the novel, Little Bee, by Chris Cleave we read about choices made in a third world country, Nigeria, and choices made in the first world country England. The story follows the lives of to women and how their paths cross. Sarah, a woman from England with a quiet family and an affair on the side, and Little Bee, a Nigerian refugee seeking asylum in Sarah. During their first encounter, Sarah cut off her own finger when her husband, Andrew, would not, to save Little Bee’s life. Despite everything that happened in Nigeria, Sarah didn’t end her affair with Lawrence and this caused Andrew to spiral into a depression leading to his demise. Being an illegal refugee fresh out of detention camp, Little Bee fled to Sarah’s house to find a safe haven. Throughout this story, difficult choices were made by Sarah, Andrew, and Lawrence all revolving around Little Bee; some made selfless choices and some made selfish, morally wrong choices. Sarah, before anything, is a mother, but she gets lost in her own world, she starts an affair which Sarah’s response to Little Bee has always been selfless; Sarah has the maternal instinct to help Little Bee. Sarah does right by Little Bee, she cut off her own finger for the girl to save her life. In addition to that, when Little Bee gets deported back to Nigeria, Sarah follows her in order to keep Little Bee from the third world dangers. After Sarah finds Andrews miscellaneous works exposing injustice in third world countries, she decides to finish his work by writing about Little Bee’s story and many more like hers to bring to light the mass murders, and furthermore help Little Bee. So Sarah has always done right by Little Bee, the best

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