Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now Essay

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Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now” by Maya Angelou is a book of short meditations. The topics include fashion, entertainment, sensuality and pregnancy, racism, and death. The characters in the book are family memories, friends, associates, and Maya herself. The book also contains two poems, “Mrs. V.B.” about her mother Vivian Baxter, who was one of the first black females to join the merchant marines. It also contains an untitled poem about the similarities between all people, despite their racial and cultural differences. In this reflection, I will talk about certain chapters in the book that relate to my life either professionally or personally. New Directions This chapter talks about a woman named Mrs. Annie Johnson. She found herself a single mother with not much education and two young sons to care for and raise. She did not want to leave her children to go work as a domestic, but she also could not work at the lumber mill or cotton gin. She found herself at a crossroads. Instead of taking a road that did not work for her, she chose to eventually set up her own business. She began cooking meat pies and selling them to the workers at the factories. Eventually she opened up her own store. This story reached out to me because many times people find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. They do not want to settle or accept their current situation. I found myself in this predicament while living in Louisiana. I grew up there and graduated from college. However, I knew that I didn’t want to live my life there. I couldn’t find a reasonable job that I was happy in and there wasn’t much there for me to live the life that I always dreamed. My family is in Louisiana, but I knew that I needed to leave for myself. I was going to have to create my own path. I packed up and moved to Houston. I was certified to teach

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