Book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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Abstract In the book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark R. McMinn, PhD published by Tyndale House Publishers shows how psychologists use theology and spirituality in their counseling. McMinn show the importance of Christianity in counseling of clients. He gives various examples of the best tactics for psychologist to use in Christian counseling. He also shows the importance of building a trusting relationship with clients and uses the cognitive therapy background as a theoretical foundation. In the book he discusses that many counselors as well as Christian counselors hardly ever use the Bible while they are in their counseling session. However, modern counselors rarely use scriptures to support their counseling models. In the book McMinn tries to attract the attention of counselors to the importance of scripture use in their counseling with their clients. Counseling is a very important personal process that reflects on the counselor’s spiritual life, education, and background experience is all a part of effective counseling. In the book McMinn focused on how counselors avoid using any type of religion with their client such as prayer or scripture usage. This can be looked as a negative action by using prayer as a part of the healing process and the confession of sin can help one to grow emotionally and spiritually. Many people have issues with confessing sin to their psychologist however it really helps with their healing process. McMinn also talked about confronting sin in counseling with their clients. He discussed four appropriate ways to approach confronting sin in counseling is silence, pondering, questioning, and direct censure. He stated it was a good idea to carefully approach the client depending on the situation. Silence is considered the one of the best ways to confront sin by remaining silent

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