Reflection on Christianity and Psychology

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When I came to Pac University for my Theology degree four years ago, I purely thought this is a theological institution. After a cheerful interaction with my squad, I grasped they had come to the University for different studies. I did not have any concerns with Business Leadership students but, unquestionably I had war with these students who went around claiming they are proficient to tell me the reasons behind my behaviors and correspondingly predict my future occurrences. Nonetheless, I significantly thank God that after my Theological journey and documented pastoral experiences, He led me into Counseling Psychology. Below I will reflect on my encounter with the two disciplines, real life experiences and finally my class knowledge in introduction to Psychology. Christians and Psychologist have always been in war with each other. Christianity being a religious teaching based on the person and the teaching of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Psychology on the other hand is a science that seeks to study the mind, behavior and mental process of the human being. This has always been the problem! How do you study my mind and you are also a created being? How do you observe my behavior and diagnose? How can you predict my future behavior based on me past and present occurrences? While these are some of the questions that wage war between the two disciplines, Psychology and Christianity have always agreed on bulky areas of life. Christianity exalting love, self esteem, self-image and so does Psychology. God is heedful of how we view ourselves and He want us to live, interact and hold our lives as people who know who they are; and so does Psychology instruct. Life is precious and we got to give ourselves the best we can because there are resources within us that are meant to give us positivity towards life. Both parameter caution us about judging others, encourages us to be
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