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In the words of Dr. Boisha Wofford “A leader doesn’t mean you are authority, it means you have authority. A leader is one in the whole group. He or she makes things happen with the help of others. They also help to build morale so the team is willing to work for a common goal.” Dr. Wofford is someone who exemplifies the word leader to me. She leads and sets examples for her students to follow each day. Dr. Boisha Wofford graduated from Spartanburg High School in 1996. Following Spartan High she attended Clemson University and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts focusing in printmaking. Taking a year off she then returned and attended Converse University and graduated in 2003 with a Masters of Education majoring in Elementary Education. Returning years later she began working on her Masters and Doctor of Education. In June 2011 she graduated from Converse University majoring in Administration and Supervision. In July 2011 she graduated from Nova Southeastern University majoring in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Conflict Resolution. Dr. Wofford is…show more content…
Wofford approaches her leadership position because she doesn’t try to be overpowering. She has the job of being over the students and faculty in the AVID program and she doesn’t go around boasting or bragging about it. Dr. Wofford listens to other peoples suggestions and doesn’t just avoid anyone else’s ideas or thoughts. She approaches her position with a very positive attitude and tries to keep it that way even when the job gets difficult. Unlike bad leaders she doesn’t approach her job ready to tell other people what to do, she approaches ready to listen to what others have to say and being a part of a team. Spending three years around Dr. Wofford she inspired to be the first teenager in my immediate family to attend college in a few generations and not quit. Going to college is being a leader in my family to show the younger generations that anything is

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