Role Models Are Not Any Different Than Anyone Else

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Jasmine Harris Honors/Ap English 11, Chidley – 3rd Hour 14 December 2011 Argument Essay Final Draft Role Models Are Not Any Different Than Anyone Else The cha-ching, t v fame, and the fans don’t change the person. Role models should not be expected to behave differently than anyone else, since people look up to others based on their achievements, and their mistakes should not have an impact on that also how they handle their mistakes can inspire positive behavior in others. In this situation, the mistakes they make don’t have to impact their achievements that they may look up to them for. In fact having someone to look up to that has achieved great success in life but has made mistakes and learned from them can also help them better themselves. Look at Martha Stewart she has achieved great success and also has been to jail for insider trading. She learned from her mistakes and is trying to help and better others. Martha Stewart knew that she did wrong but that doesn’t matter people still recognize her great skills and admire her great talent regardless of her mistakes. People make mistakes so they didn’t focus on that it didn’t matter to them. They still looked up to her for advice because that’s their role model still and it doesn’t affect them. She made that mistake so why put greater limitations on role models if the mistakes don’t affect the achievements. Role models are looked up to for success not mistakes. They are still regular people who shouldn’t be expected to behave any differently than others. People doing good things and getting looked up to for them doesn’t change the fact that they are still human. The mistakes they make shouldn’t affect the fact that they have great talents. Looking at Chris Brown he got into a bad altercation with his girlfriend and a lot of people stopped listening to his music. His record label even dropped him they
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