Bloom where youre planted

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Bloom where you’re planted I moved from place to place only to find myself starting over. Every field I step on the thought was clear to me, prove myself. By the grace of god I have being able to play football for four out of five high schools I went to. While walking on to each field, each school coaches made known a statement had to be made.. The fight for respect and a position on each team seem hard, but to never give up or in had been the only thing on my mind. I took advantage of each opportunity given to me. I learn from playing for four different foot teams “to bloom where you’re planted.” In the 9th grade I played for the North Cobb Warriors 9th grade football teams. Playing football for the Warriors had comfort me, because I was able to be with all my friends. Immediately the coaches moved me and three others up to varsity when both of the varsity running backs had been seriously injured. The coaches told me and the other three to treat the play book like homework, so should study everyday up until the first game. Everyone knew in the 9th grade the last thing on our mind would be to study. I thought about the opportunity given to me and knew the other two 9th grade players still thought like 9th graders. I studied like a senior have getting ready for the SATs. Within two week I had been named the starting running back for the North Cobb Warriors varsity team. As soon as 10th grade came around so did a new move. The move made me mad, because the thought of leaving my friends and the fame. Just before school had even started me and my mother walk on to Creekside high school football field. The coaches seem cool, but unbreakable when the situation had been to football. For some crazy reason when a new talent player arrive to a team the coaches gives old filthy pads to him. These pads made new players look like retarded turtles. After getting my pads

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