The Bloodbath (detective story)

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The Bloodbath Index Chapter 1- The Pool of Blood (Page2) Chapter 2- Detective on the Scene (Page3) Chapter 3- That Small Bit of Metal (Page7) Chapter 4- All That from a Bit of a Shovel? (Page 11) Chapter 5- The Unloved Son (Page14) Chapter 6- Score One for the Good Guys!(Page 16) Chapter 7- Another Set of Papers to Sort Out! (Page19 ) Chapter 1 The Blackened Soil As the wooden wheels of the carriage bumped over the large pebbles lain in the road, the sweating driver whipped the lashes in his hands, as the strange man sitting at the back of the carriage glared at him and told him to speed up. The white bag was tied at the top with a red piece of string; the driver was absolutely convinced it was a body bag. As they came to a halt next to a small birch tree, the masked man told the driver to get out and dig a 6 foot hole. The driver immediately did as he was told, the horror of the possibilities that his life may end there were too great for him to say no. The horse panted as the driver jumped down and grabbed the metal head of the shovel from the man. He walked over towards the birch tree. A couple of hours later the hole was finished and the man in the mask had grown impatient, now shouting at the driver to put the weighted bag in the hole and fill it in quickly. Suddenly, the driver was stabbed in the back. He fell into the hole and died. The siren squealed with the high pitched noise on top of the car. As the wheels rushed past many others, it pulled off the speedway onto a small country road which leads into a small forest. As the cop pulled over, the car seemed to get darker under the large birch tree. The black soil stunk of flesh, rotten flesh that is. The farmer strolled over in his denim dungarees over the white t-shirt, even though it looked almost brown. His straw hat and blonde beard made him look older than
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