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The Destructors by Graham Greene -Summary- The story begins with the introduction of the Wormsley Common Gang in the last day before the August Bank Holiday in England, after the second World War. The gang consists of a group of teenagers. T, or Trevor, the new member of the gang is added. On our way we learn that from the beginning he is picked on by Blackie, the leader, Mike, the youngest member and Summers. They meet daily in a parking lot. Almost everything in this area is destroyed by the bombings from WWII and only the house of Old Misery stands almost undamaged. One day Blackie loses his leadership to T because he suggests to hitch free bus rides and T suggests to bring down Old Misery’s house from the inside, taking advantage of his upcoming two days absence. The next day the gang meets in the same place, and T starts giving directions. They cut all the wiring, tore the floors, broke the doors and smashed the fixtures. In the end of the day, T tells Blackie that he wants to show him something special, and shows him the savings of the old man, and celebrate them by burning them. The next day they meet again to complete the destruction. They demolish the staircase, the inner layers of the walls, knock down the floors and flood what is left. Before they finish, Mike tells everybody that Old Misery is on his way back home. When he arrives, T prevents him from entering the house by asking for his assistance, saying that one of his friends got stuck in the toilet at the back of the house. The gang locks him in there overnight, gives him food and a blanket. The next morning, a driver starts up his car and as he accelerates he hears a loud crash. Looking back Old Misery’s house got transformed into rubble because the gang tied a rope between the car and a support beam. He hears cries of help from the toilet and the driver helps Old Misery. Seeing what has

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