Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis By: Kyle LaFramboise English 150 Section 036 Ryan Oberhelman What strategically value is a commercial that gives no argument as to why the subject would benefit our daily life? In this analysis, I observed an ad that had briefly aired throughout the United States before being pulled for its association with unintentional connections to discrimination against the LGBT community. A commercial that launched early July of 2008, recently enough to still target a specific consumer audience. During this 30 second ad we observe a white male in his late 20s, dressed in tight yellow shorts and a revealing tang top, speed walking his way through a stereotypical ‘white-picket fence’ neighborhood. While speed walking, one of these Pleasantville abodes is demolished in the background as a result of a collision with an older model pickup truck bearing the snickers logo. The beaten up vehicle swerves and approaches the speed walker, a disgruntled, iconic Mr. T in the bed of the truck. The truck, complete with a man-made, ‘old glory’ machine gun that fires snicker bars, screeches to a halt earning the exercise enthusiasts attention. “Speed walking? I pity you fool”, begins the abrupt dialog of a clearly offended black male. This introduction of insults is followed by Mr. T expressing “you are a disgrace to the man race”, before opening fire on the speed walker in an attempt to make him run. “Time to run like a real man”, shouts Mr. T as heroic music sounds to symbol accomplishment of a feat. I chose this ad in order to express the possible rhetoric behind a non-informative commercial, which uses misguided humor and old movie references in substitution of product information. I want to begin by explaining this ads intent and how I came to the realization of a possible target audience. In order to do so I want to make clear that this is a

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