Prophet Of Nonviolence: An Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Speech

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This is based on the method which Martin Luther King gather much of his information to deliver his speeches and some of his inspirations Martin Luther King Jr. Prophet of Nonviolence Montrese Hawkins American History II Professor Sauble March 29, 2011 Martin Luther King, Jr., was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.1 He was thirty-nine years old when he had assassinated, but the impact he would have on American society tremendous. The civil rights movement which was led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a movement in history that would change America and its people forever. During the height of racial tension between blacks and whites, Dr. King’s aim was to educate Blacks…show more content…
Dr. King apposed the laws and labeled them as unconstitutional. The term ‘Jim Crow’ originated in the early 19th century, when Thomas “Daddy” Rice, a white entertainer, blackened his face with charcoal paste or burnt cork and danced a jig to song, Jump Jim Crow. By the 20th century, it had evolved into both a derogatory description of African-Americans and was used as a moniker for the prevailing system of segregation.6 Dr. King’s distaste for these laws continued him to be an advocate of nonviolence even though many opposed his methods. Dr. King believed in his message of nonviolence and often had conflicts with other organizations. Dr. King suffered criticism from the younger militant cadre of CORE, SNCC and Black Power activists such as Stokely Carmichael, Rap Brown, Huey P. Newton, James Farmer, James Forman and John Lewis, among others.7 The leaders of these groups disputed many beliefs of Dr. King which divided the civil rights movement. These groups pushed for violence under the oppression of White racism. Many Militant groups thought of the Negro laying down while Whites beat them, hung them, and segregated them within the realm of a free society was unjust and demanded justice. Although conflicts with militant groups regarding nonviolence began segregation in the Black race, it sparked feuds between religious organizations and that would be…show more content…
King’s would face his greatest adversary, the FBI and their tactics use to bring down the civil rights movement. King’s criticisms incensed the FBI’s director, J. Edgar Hoover, who initiated a vicious campaign to discredit King.13 Dr. King, attacked the FBI for sympathizing with the southern segregationists, fraternizing with the local police, and failing to apprehend Klan bombers and murderers.14 Appalled by the rise of the civil rights movement, Hoover singled out King, its primary symbol to stop.15 Although the FBI made malicious attempts to discredit Dr. King, they could not stop all his achievements relating to the nonviolence

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