Creative Writing Task - Flashback

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Your Name Period Date Flashback Scene Final The squeal of tires and the bang of a door is heard as a truck peels away from the factory. The driver, in his late thirties, is wearing a simple T-shirt and Jeans, and as he drives away he looks behind him and hits a bump. The halogen lights of an oncoming vehicle appear from around a corner, and an SUV slides into traffic behind him. It reminds him of that morning. Where this story begins… ... *WUMP* *WUMP* … As the truck pulled onto the driveway up to the factory, maybe a little too quickly for the speed bump, the driver pulled it down the small road until he was upon the factory, the three story building sporting a large red ‘A’ on the side. “Thats a… tall building…” said the truck driver as he put on his hat with his name emblazoned on the front: Jack. As he continued onwards, Jack turned the truck around and backed it up into the loading and unloading bay, wondering where everyone was. Usually there was someone waiting. “Error, 404, licence plate not found, dispatch security? Y/N” said the cold, black security console in the security room. However, it’s cry fell upon deaf ears, as there was no-one to hear it. “Automatically dispatching security in three, zero seconds, cancel? Y/N” said the machine. Once again, the cry fell on deaf ears. “Security dispatched” was the final remark of the machine before it went back into sleep mode. As Jack sat there in the truck listening to the radio, he noticed a Black SUV, and then another, rolling down the driveway, two flashing lights on top of each, one green, one white. As he stepped out of the truck wondering what he did wrong, he took a big gulp of air. Then, suddenly, a steel garage door started to drop down. He knew something was wrong, so he got back up into his truck, quickly starting the engine and breathing a sigh of relief as the engine

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