Blood Diamond Essay

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XXXX XX XXXXX XXXXs Writing 1310-1A 20 April 2011 Blood Diamond S.E. Smith defined the blood diamond, and also referred to as a conflict or war diamond, which is a diamond sold to finance terrorism or other violent acts including civil war (Smith). The blood diamond trade has been recognized as a global problem, with terrorist organizations in a wide range of nations benefiting from the trade of these diamonds. Due to Tiseke Kasambala’s opinion, the blood diamond problem is most severe in Africa, where several nations including Liberia, Angola, and Sierra Leone have been affected, leading organizations such as the United Nations to enact resolutions to combat the sale of blood diamonds (Kasambala). Diamonds, one of the major luxuries in the world, represented richness and peerage in the old days, but it is identified as the symbol of love, loyalty and steadfastness nowadays. When people buy diamond jewellery, they often want to convey love or commitment to someone dear and special. But, this jewellery, if it contains diamonds from Africa diamond fields, could have a bloody past signifying mistreatment and abuse. Although the diamonds are very commonly seen and very expensive in the market, not too many people know the background of diamonds, which involves warfare, blood and death. A movie called Blood Diamond that shows the bloody story behind the “precious stones” in Africa. According to the messy situation in Africa, there are two types of armies due to the anarchy: the one is the Government Army and the other one is the Revolution Army (Campino). For terrorist organizations, diamonds are viewed as an ideal currency, due to the traditional closed nature of the diamond industry. They use diamonds to trade with buyers to get weapons and equipment. The way they get the diamonds is by slaughtering villages and capturing young men to excavate diamonds. Some

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