How Did Charles Manson's Childhood Adversely Affect His Adulthood

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Aliandra Marrero Criminal Justice I Period 2 Charles Mason Portfolio Activity Mr. Malizia February 1st, 2013 Manson Questions 1. Manson’s childhood greatly affected his adulthood because during the first 32 years of his life he was incarcerated for 17 of them. He was also violently and sexually attacked. And his criminal behavior started to gradually increase as he aged.Spending all that time in jail taught him new things and how to commit different crimes. He started off with petty crimes such as theft and gradually increased to more serious crimes. 2. Charles Manson controlled his cult members by giving them the sense of protection and love. He often sought after the weaker minded people. He would use drugs such as LSD to get them to lose their ego so they would do what he wanted. He also used isolation to keep them away from normal society. Manson preached a dogmatic version of the bible that the cult members believed to be true. 3. The type of people that were suspected to undergo Manson’s influence was usually weak-minded people who wanted acceptance. Ones that had low self-esteem and were in desperate need of a sense…show more content…
And in those teachings he believed and manipulated his followers to believe there was going to be a war between the whites and blacks. This war would have been called “Helter Skelter.” At this time the Beetles “White” album was released, and Manson felt as if the Beetles were singing lyrics to what Manson was trying to say the whole time. Therefore Manson took it upon himself to start the Helter Skelter warfare. Him and his family started murdering many innocent people. When these murdering sprees took place Manson and his “Family” kept trying to frame the black people by putting a paw print on the walls with the victim’s blood. This signified the African American gang to make police officers believe that it was the blacks committing all the
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