Birth Order Essay

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How Birth Order Affects a Person’s Life An alarming number of scientists agree that a person’s birth order is one of numerous factors that determine a person’s overall life. For the past twenty-five years, scientists have been interested in the study of birth order. They have discovered a person is closest to their own family, which helps the production of the individual’s personality. The personality is determined by one’s parents and how the parents react with their new child as well as the children that already exist within the family. Even though people tend to believe birth order is determined by generics and environment, initially a person’s personality is determined by their birth order. Personality is vital in a person’s life because it can help with how their life may turn out and whether their traits are positive or negative. Moreover, birth order is the key to shaping a person’s personality by molding a person’s traits, their future careers, and their role among family relationships. For example, the Alfred Alder Institute of San Francisco and Northwestern Washington specializes in countless cases by Alfred Alder and other scientists who attended the institute. Most of the cases that are studied at the institute are Classical Alderian Depth Psychology, which is what Doctor of Philosophy graduate, Henry T. Stein, studies and made a website based on the studies of Alfred Alder (Stein). Alder believed birth order and personality had a deeper connection that helped guide a person to their path in life. Alder was extremely fascinated in the belief of inner self and how it related to the rest of the person as a whole and stated, “The goal of a person's inner life thus becomes the conductor that pulls all emotions into the stream of psychological existence. This is the root of the unity of the personality and of individuality. Its strength, wherever
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