Veils And Vegemite Poem Analysis

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One of the greatest questions that has been posed about human beings is whether we are the way we are because of the traits with which we were born or the social and environmental factors to which we are exposed through our life experiences. This is a recurring theme in literature about identity and the most common answer suggested in texts such as the poetry of Bruce Dawe, the film Rabbit Proof Fence, directed by Phillip Noyce and the article Veils and Vegemite by Randa Abdel-Fattah is that the two inevitably work together to forge our identities. The way, in which our natural personalities are tempered by elements such as family, the culture from which we originate as well as factors such as the materialistic society in which we live will be explored as they are discussed in the three above named texts. Dawes agreement with the fact that a person’s natural personality is quickly affected often negatively, by the social conditioning that is provided by society, is clearly demonstrate in his poem Enter... The title of the poem immediately launches these ideas by suggesting that the child enters the world in an unconventional manner, without acknowledging the…show more content…
This article explores the concept of identity through what Randa defines an Australian to be. The use of the pun in the title itself expresses that she has not only one but two identities she has to fulfil. Being and Australian woman and keeping up the face of a true Palestine woman. In the article she talks about how she feels when someone asks about her background whether she’s Australian or Palestinian. Through her quote ‘ones past, whether ancestral or as a migrant, neccasiraly shapes ones present” this expresses the fact that our identity can be shaped by both our family and how we have been brought

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