Bipedalism Is the Greatest Accomplishment of Homind History!

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As Dr. Alan Walker once said, small bipedal steps for apes, and as it would turn out, a giant leap for mankind. I believe that bipedalism is the greatest advantage in hominid history, I believe this because it allowed hominids to use their hands, it gave hominids more energy and it made hominds taller. Most hominids were bipedal, because of this there hands where free. According to History Alive, being bipedal allowed hominids to carry/gather food easily. Also they used their hands to protect and defend themselves. Are hands being free allowed us to make tools. I think that being biped allowed us to make tools because homo habilis .(the toolmakers) where biped. Imagine if they walk tools would have needed lots of work. Overall this is one reason that makes bipedalism the greatest accomplishment in early human history. Bipedalism gave us more energy. According to walking on two limbs was more energy efficient then walking on all fours. It gave hominids more energy to reproduce and chance of of producing an offspring bearing this unique trait. I think another way it gave us more energy because there was less heat coming toward us. For example when walking on fours, our back was not straight so all the heat was reaching the hominids back. I have seen many sites say this before. This is why bipedalism is the greatest accomplishment. Bipedalism made hominids taller. Since they were taller they could reach things and have a clearer and higher view of their surroundings. This provided a huge advantage over hominids of that time. I think it was a greater advantage because most of their predertors walked on all fours so being bipedal helped them see they predertors coming from afar and also helped them defend themselves. It is clear that Being bipedal was the greatest accomplishement. Some people believe that fire was the greatest advantage of

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