Dadoes vs. Butt Joints

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When building items you would want them to be strong. Well what about the joints? No one really thinks about those types of problems. Well joints should be strong, easy to do, and completely hidden in a bookshelf. Well dadoes provide all of these things. Dadoes are the best joint choice for bookshelf’s and cabinets. When building a bookshelf or a cabinet you really want the joint to be strong or the whole thing will be so unsteady. If done improperly the item will be very wobbly and the shelf part of the cabinet may also be unsteady. Dado joints are a very good choice because they are strong. When done properly you bookshelf or cabinet will be very strong. Butt joints are strong to but not like dado joints. Dadoes are not only strong but they are so easy to make. Well to make a dado joint all there is are 4 easy steps. Four steps are all it takes for the perfect and easiest joint to do. Whereas butt joints take 6 steps, and even then it doesn’t turn out not as nice as dado joints. So take the easy and nice looking way. Rather than putting extra work in for nothing. Bookshelves especially look nicer with dado joints because you can’t even see the joint. It’s like there isn’t even a joint holding it together. They are completely invisible unless seeking it out on purpose. Unlike butt joints which just stick out. Dado joints are a great joint to use. Over all dado joints are the most superior joint out of all of them. They are strong and easy to make. Not to mention that they are hidden if use when making a bookshelf. Dadoes are the best choice for bookshelves and cabinets. When it comes down to it, dado joints are far better than butt joints because there stronger, easier to make, and virtually hidden when used on
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