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Childhood assignment 1 1. Explain what is meant by a ‘child centred society’? A child centred society is a society that is based around children and their needs and focused on what they want and what is good or not good for them. 2. Suggest two examples of ways in which the distinction between childhood and adulthood is ‘becoming blurred’ Childhood and adulthood are becoming very blurred as nowadays children are being spoon fed everything they need and are not being taught to fend for themselves which means that they will not know how to do this by the time that they are expected to do so. Another reason why adulthood and childhood are becoming blurred is because children are also becoming treated a little bit more like adults in some ways as they are open to sex much more than people where before as they are being taught about it in schools. 3. Identify three changes linked to industrialisation that have led to changes in the position of children. Children started working in the industrial era which changed the position of children as they started contributing to the family’s income which meant that more pressure was being put on them. For example they did things like work in factories but however these jobs were very risky as many kids lost their lives or seriously injured themselves. 4. Using material from item A and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of changes in the status of childhood The status of childhood has changed so much of the years. There are many reasons for this for example the fact that children have been placed on a pedal stall which makes them much more important in this society. Parents are much more invested in their children now a day’s which makes the quality of children’s lives much more richer and it results in children becoming much more spoilt which is so much more common in this day and age as

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