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BILLY ELLIOT ESSAY “The only time Billy feels truly free is when he dances” During the film by Stephan Daldry ‘Billy Elliot’, he explores the notion that Billy feels free from the crises’ at home and is able to express himself when only when he dances. He forgets his problems at home, lets his emotions go and reveals himself as a dancer when he dances. Therefore, Billy can be who he wants to be when he dances and not what people want him to do. During the film, Billy is able to escape his troubles at home, specifically, the cliché idea that “lads do football or boxing or wrestling, not ballet.” Jackie (Gary Lewis) explains. In this scene, the close ups on Tony’s face emphasizes the anger that he has. Billy does not like this idea because ballet is the only thing he is capable of doing at a high standard. Also, he is able to forget the arguments at home with the miners strike. He does not like it because Tony (Jamie Draven) and Jackie have a lot of anger at the government and they have to let it out. To add to this, the Elliot family is struggling financially and 50 pence every week is too much money if Billy does not want to take boxing seriously. Lastly, he is able to forget about his mum’s death and move on from it. So it can be said that the only time Billy forgets his troubles at home and be free, is when he dancers. As the film progresses, Billy realizes that he can release his emotions through dancing. We see this when Mrs. Wilkonson (Julie Walters) visits and argues about Billy's dancing with Tony and Jackie, we see him run away and there is a montage of him dancing in his courtyard. This shows that instead of screaming, he can dance and calm down. The technique used in this scene is when Billy kicks down the door, he would not normally be able to kick it down but it emphasizes the anger he has. On Christmas day, Billy and Michael (Stuart Wells) are

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