The Choices of the People in Omela

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Robin Bradley Mrs. Oualline English 3 - 2nd p. 18 September 2012 THE CHOICES OF THE PEOPLE IN OMELA In my life I’ve seen things like this that is relevant to what this child have to go through. Do you think its right to take away somebody else freedom just to make your life even better? In her short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” Ursela Leguin makes people think about how far they would go for happiness. All the people in Omela are completely free and happy. For example the narrator says “like a city in a fairy tale.’’ Everybody in the town dancing, singing, and having celebrations that seems to never end. For the festival, for the town, people are coming rather fast “on fast little trains and double decked trams.’’ But there is one huge thing that some people are not on the same page about but won’t do anything about it. They have this child all locked up an abandoned in a dark basement all alone and not well feed. They say he’s was born defective they don’t really know for sure. All this fear and lack of nutrition he’s facing is affecting him “he looks about six, but actually nearly ten.” I wonder how anyone could do something like that when this child already in its worst position. But also if they want him to get up “one of them may come in and kick the child.” This child has no understanding why he’s there he”cry a good deal” every night saying “I will be good,’’ and also “Please let me out.” People have this child locked up to keep their life full of happiness, but why do this to a child for your selfishness. “Do you believe? Do you accept the festival, the city, the joy?”Honestly, I would not accept and I don’t believe something like that and I would leave and forget about the happiness and leave, but some are too desperate to stay and forget the abandonment of this boy. In Omela people have the
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