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Belonging Text | Aspect of Belonging | Examples | Billy ElliotImmigrant ChronicleRejection | Relationship | * Opening Montage: Tracking camera shots follow Billy as he searches for his grandma (who suffers from dementia) + Dialogue, 'Grandma, its Billy'=Billy's responsibility for his grandma is established in this scene. It shows he has a loving relationship with her. * Boxing Scene: Billy and Michael are taking outside the gym door. Billy enters while Michael stays outside. They talk about the value of boxing. * Medium shot of the two boys interacting - Brought into their conversation and showing a relationship between them. * Father reaction: Body language and facial expression= Shows the relationship disappointment…show more content…
He joins the line-up of girls and begins to dance * As Billy removes his boots, it is symbolic of Billy's choice to belong. * Dialogue-from Mrs Wilkson, "Go on. I dare you." * She directly challenges Billy to take on the unknown and enter this new world. Billy accepts this challenge. * "Dad Finds Out" * He walks through a field where the riot police are resting. This juxtaposes the next sequence, where the ballet girls are dancing. * Long shots- used to show Billy's interactions * Music- lively, dramatic piano music begins to build the atmosphere * Billy is uncomfortable walking through this male world, while he looks more comfortable with the girlssense of belonging * Jackie, Billy and grandma sit around the kitchen table. There is a heated (angry) discussion. * Dialogue reveals people attitudes and values. * Jackie: "lads do boxing, football or wrestling". * Reveals his expectations of a male and of Billy. * Jackie finally snaps and becomes physically violent. Billy flees from the house, runs up the street and angrily smashes the miner's poster * Non-diagetic musicT-Rex's "Children of the revolution" is heard.Lyrics: "You won't fool the children of revolution." * Billy is breaking the stereotype and family expectations.

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