Bikutsi Music Of Cameroon

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Bikutsi is a musical genre from Cameroon, Africa. This music developed from traditional styles of the Beti or Ewondo people. The word Bikutsi literally means “beat the eart.” The music is accompanied by a special dance that calls for its participants to stomp the ground, or earth, with their feet. Bikutsi is metrically characterized by a 6/8 rhythm, and is played at all sorts of Beti Gatherings. This includes: parties, funerals, and weddings. The recording I listened to was not found on You-tube. However, after doing a search for “music of Cameroon” The first name I came across was the Cameroonian singer Anne-Marie Nzié. Of course none of the clips were clear enough for me to focus my listening efforts on. So, I reverted to rhapsody. After a little more research I found out she is known as the Voice of Gold and the Queen Mother of Bikutsi. I listened to a track off an album called Beza Ba Tzo. The track was called Ma lundi. At first I felt as if I were listening to Island music. I thought I heard steel drums. There was an up tempo calypso like beat. There was also some kind of percussion instrument beating time but it didn’t sound like a regular drum set. I think it was an isolated snare and some kind of pitched bass drum. The melodies of the singer sounded celebratory and chant like. Perhaps, this was a song that everyone is the region new. It was very upbeat and enjoyable. The title track Beza Ba Tzo, sounded the same. Very island like but more interesting melodically. I could hear more of a song form in this listen. There was definitely a chorus that was offset by multiple spoken/sung verses. I was disappointed that I could not hear any foot stomping in these recordings. N’zie, A.M. (2009). Ma Lundi [A.M. N’zie]. On Bela Ba Tzo [CD]. Cameroon: Cameroun N’zie, A.M. (2009). Bela Ba Tzo [A.M. N’zie]. On Bela Ba Tzo [CD]. Cameroon:

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