Music In World Cultures

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African music has always been a type of music that has stood out from others. Their strong use of percussion and maintaining traditional music makes their music very unique. However things have changed a lot now a days. Today in much of African music you can see the influences of various countries evident within their work. They now use instruments like the piano and guitar. Also they have been highly influenced by Western music. The history of African music has always brought much controversy since it is hard to say how music really sounded before British colonization. African music was most commonly transmitted orally so it was rare to find a written record of it. Music, dance and story telling are among the forms of art that have been kept century after century in Africa. Everyday life activities in traditional Africa included music and many other cultural experiences. Music and dance were traditions that characterized an African musical expression and played an important role in the lives of the people.The traditional music of Africa possessed a distinguishing feature of rhythmic complexity like no other continent. Music was highly functional in ethnic life, accompanying birth, marriage, hunting and even political activities.Before the 20th century, music was very different when compared to the 21st century music. Special occasions owned a distinctive type of African music. The African Diaspora, West African music, and music of the Colonies all had various musical instruments. West African music was representative, or the head of African music before the slave trade to America. It was incomparable to any other music in the style of which it was played as well as the motivation as to why it was played. West African music was documented around the 1600's when explorers kept note of what had been found when traveling. Every West African village had its own

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