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Slave Song History It can be said that Slave songs was born in Africa and that slaves or Africans brought their customs or rituals to America. Singing songs was very important to the Africans because it acted as a form of communication. In the home country of Africa the songs that the people sang told a lot about the communities the people dwelt in, like the condition of the tribes or about nature. African songs were also used to express the religious beliefs of the Africans, whether it is God or gods or to ward of those spirits that they thought meant harm. The Africans also used songs to tell about what happened in the community. Oftentimes the music was used as a means of comfort when a loved one passed away or to celebrate the birth of a child or a wedding. In Africa they used dance, drums, and various instruments which were made from natural resources to express themselves, sometimes even their own bodies. Music was not written down, but the songs were performed openly. The oral expression only intensified the instruments or the hand clapping and foot stomping. Because the Africans had the background of music as a means of expression, that didn’t not change once they became captured slaves and were put on a slave ship. The only change that occurred was that the slaves couldn’t use drums anymore. Drums were seen as a possible threat of an uprising by the plantation owners, therefore forbidden. However, that didn’t stop the slaves from finding other instruments to play or continuing the handclapping or foot stomping. Quite the contrary, the music became an essential part of their well being as they were enduring and come to endure more hardships at the hands of their slave masters. African music influenced the slave’s songs in the new world like Africa; slave songs reflected the African religious beliefs. The slaves believed in a higher power and

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