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BIG FISH - LOVE TOBY Love was the major force in Edward Bloom’s life. Discuss the truth of this statement using evidence and quotes. Edward Bloom’s life was all about love, his whole life purpose is to love and care for those around him. Edward finds his love, dedicates his life to marry her and “catch the uncatchable fish”. Edward finds an unexpected problem, yet perseveres to marry his love. His life is all about making people happy especially those he loves. Those reasons obviously state that Edward is full of love to give, but first he has to find his wife. Edward dedicates years of his life to find and marry his one and only love. He leaves his hometown and comes across the girl he falls in love with and the only way to find out who she is, is to work for the ring master. Each month that he works for Mr Callaway the ring master he receives a piece of information about “Sandra his future wife” as Edward calls her. Edward spends 3 years of his busy life working for the circus, doing dangerous stunts, cleaning up after elephants and putting his head into a lion’s mouth, all to get more information about Sandra. Edward is rejected to find his love is already engaged to “Ashton’s biggest jerk”. Edward told Sandra he loved her but was rejected but still persists for his love, showing she means a lot to him. He uses what Sandra likes to get her to love him back, such as filling her garden with daffodils (her favourite flower) and writing love messages in the sky. Edward’s quote “there’s a time when a man is to fight, and a time when he needs to accept his destiny is lost, the ship has sailed and only a fool will continue… truth is I’ve always been a fool” means that Sandra was already engaged and Edward’s destiny is lost without her, but he continues no matter what for the love of his

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