The Gift of the Magi

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Surrendered Treasures and Loving Heart’s Love is a much talked about concept throughout literature. There is no shortage of debates and opinions on this very emotional and touchy topic. ‘‘The Gift of the Magi’’ is arguably one of O. Henry’s most popular short stories and is no exception. In this story, we see a young, unwealthy couple demonstrate true devotion and affection for one another. I propose that, in order to fully grasp Henry’s meaning behind this story, we must first examine the theme of love. Secondly, we will explore Della’s character trait of generosity. Lastly, we will inspect the symbols of The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon within the novel. Love is a very strong theme in this short story and is noticeable from the beginning. The majority of this story explains Della’s love for her husband, Jim. It is particularly apparent from the first paragraph the amount love and respect Della has for him. This is highlighted when Della sells her fantastic, long, treasured hair to buy Jim a gift for Christmas as she had only managed to ‘‘scrape’’ (p.2) $1.87 from her hard earnings. Not only had she worked tirelessly to earn enough money to keep them eating and living under a roof, she wanted to do more to surprise the man she cared for. At this point, I was sure it was Della that worshipped her husband and he was not so devoted to his wife. It turned out Jim had sold his watch, of which he ‘‘took a mighty pride over’’ (p.2). It was then I realised the love they each shared for one another. Jim sold his prize possession to have enough money to buy Della the combs ‘‘her heart had had simply craved and yearned over without the least hope of possession’’ (p.4). This is why I particularly enjoyed and took pleasure this moving story. They were both willing to sell their most treasured possessions to make the other person happy, a true definition of

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