Love Types in Othello

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Love Types in Othello What is love? This question has plaqued peoples mind since the beginning of time. People love ‘love’ so much that they write songs, movies, books, and poems about it. In modern times women have been raised with the image of a handsome prince coming to bestow the kiss of love (or life) upon us, thanks to Disney movies and romance novels. But when Shakespeare wrote about love, it was about many different kinds of love, and there usually are no ‘happily ever after’ endings. “As an abstract concept, love is typically taken to represent a range of human emotions, from simple feelings of pleasure to overwhelming and ineffable attraction towards another person” (Ahmetoglu, Swami, and Chamorro-Premuzic). The main theme of the play is love and this statement is a good example of the different types of love in Othello. While the love between Othello and Desdemona takes center stage, there is many different love relationships in the play as well. In the play you can see familial, friendly, unrequited, true, and sexual love. All the different types of love and the relationships that came with it are the cause of the tragic ending of Othello the Moor and the gentle Desdemona. The first type of love that you see in the play is family love. The relationship between Brabantio and Desdemona in the play is very strained seeing as how she ran off to get married without his consent, which back in the day was a big no-no. You can still see the love that they have for each other when Desdemona says “To you I am bound for life and education; / My life and education both do learn me/ How to respect you. You are the lord of duty (1.3.184-186). Brabantio also shows his love for his daughter when he does not believe Rodrigo and Iago when they tell him that Desdemona eloped. He also could have forced them to be apart but when he saw that Desdemona was
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