Mr. Rochester The Heroic Person From Jane Eyre

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Mr. Rochester in the novel “Jane Eyre” is actually considered a hero to many. As you read the novel he might not seem to play that role but as a matter of fact he does. He plays the hero role to many characters in the novel, Jane Eyre most significantly. He is also a hero to Adele Varens as well as being a hero to himself. To most, Edward Rochester was a rich man who was very arrogant. He was the owner of the city called Thornfield. In the beginning before their acquaintance, Jane Eyre had recognized him in this way. However, once she got to know Mr. Rochester he did not fit this stereotype. Mr. Rochester was the one who got Jane Eyre a governing position after Jane Eyre was done with her schooling. This is what makes Mr. Rochester a hero to Jane because without Mr. Rochester Jane would of not had this governing position. This governing position meant a lot to her and gave her a chance learn many things. Moreover, Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre had fallen in love with each other. Mr. Rochester, being the first man who Jane has fallen in love with makes him a big hero in my mind. Aside from Mr. Rochester falling in love with Jane Eyre he wanted to make her his mistress. To many people including Jane this is a very selfish thing to do. But, his love for Jane was unconditional and he didn’t want to lose her. He was willing to do whatever he can to marry her putting all of his political reasons aside from him. Even when Jane had left him he became miserable and his life went in a terrible direction. As for Jane, she also became depressed and continued thinking about him. When she returned to see him he was joyous and they both lived together happily. In my opinion, Mr. Rochester has become the big hero once again showing that he’s the only man who can make Jane Eyre happy. Another person who thinks of Mr. Rochester as a hero is Adele Varens. Adele was a girl raised by
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