Best Years Of Our Lives

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The Best years of our lives In the movie the best years of our lives, William Wyler examines the confusion and turmoil experienced my American military servicemen and their families during the aftermath of WWII. In this paper I will explain how the three main characters, their families and America as a whole nation of this movie were effected by the war. Al, before he left to fight in the war, he was a banker. His career was stable and seemed satisfying to him. He had what appeared to be a strong and healthy marriage to a stay at home wife, and two children who were just starting puberty. His life seemed to be the typical American dream. There doesn’t seem to be any major dysfunction in his life. In the war al is just a serviceman, his raking is not too high, but all the same he served his country and put his life on the line the same as any serviceman did. He is happy to be going home to his wife and children. Upon his return he finds that his children are more grown up than he expected. One is out of high school and has a job while the other (the son) is still in school. One of the first scenes of al at his home is one with his son, a tender moment shared by father and son. Al has brought back souvenirs of his many missions over seas. He has brought back things from another country that symbolize the great sacrifices that he has made. He shows them to his son with great awe and pride taking the time to tell a little story with each item, but the son seems puzzled and not impressed at all. You can tell that this is a point that al realizes that he no longer has the same relationship w his son as he did before he left to war. Al gets called back to work at the bank and while there he gets a first hand look at how institutes (banks, schools, employers) treat or actually , mistreat American veterans. They are denied loans to buy property, they do not

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