Essay on the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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ESSAY ON THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN American History HIUS 221-D20 LUO April 10, 2011 Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography serves as a model for self-improvement. He was the youngest child in his family, who went from one of meager means to that of wealth. The method in which he achieved his wealth was that of hard work while continually striving to become better at his craft and better as a person for the benefit of the society in which he lived. This also proves to be his motivation for endeavoring to achieve these goals. It is easy to see that at an early age Benjamin Franklin was very ambitious in learning and eager to do so. He shares his capability and desire in this area when he tells of his ability to excel beyond his classmates within two years of schooling. He gained the knowledge of the use of tools by watching the workmen that father took him to observe in hopes of identifying a trade that may catch his interest. Even though that was not the end result he walked away with a knowledge that he did not have before that experience. He used whatever little money he could get to purchase books. These illustrations show that it is never too early to make the choice to focus on the necessary things of life. Franklin at the age of twelve became an apprentice at his brother’s print shop even though he desired the sea. Instead of leading his readers to believe that he was miserable because of this somewhat forced decision under the coercion of his father, he points out the advantages. He now has access to better books and the occasion to make new acquaintances who aid him in his self-improvement tasks. This directs our attention to his ability to see what some would consider a negative experience as a positive one and seize every opportunity to improve. During his

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