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A year without any impacts on the environment? How is it possible? “No Impact Man” is a book was written by Colin Beavan. “No Impact Man” is about Colin Beavan and his family on their own experience about how to live a year that leaves no harms on the environment. Colin Beavan decided to write the book not to change the world but to at least do something to help the environment and to tell other people that we should try together for a better future. The book started with a warm day in the middle of January in New York City and Colin Beavan’s concern about global warming. He then decided to have a year experiment on the no impact project. Colin Beavan created the rules of no trashes, no carbon dioxide emissions, no transportations, and no toxins in the water, no electricity, no TV, no buying new products, and no food products that go beyond 250 miles… He also dragged his wife Michelle, his two-year old daughter and their dog into his project. Michelle did not want to do it at first but then she agreed and supported her husband. Together, Colin Beavan and his family attempted to live a “green” life. Throughout the project, Colin Beavan figured out his life becomes better and more meaningful in a year without materials, and he had more time for his family. Their lives were changing in a good way, and their relationship went better. His family got closer together while they were not busy in front of the TV, reading news or magazine. Through the book, Colin Beavan sends us the message that: “Together, we can make the difference for a better future, for a better life, and a better environment.” I admired Colin Beavan because he tried his best to help the environment even though it is so hard to go through a year with so many rules. I admired him because he knew that individually, he and his family could not change anything at all, but I believe that he sent a powerful

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