Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

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Bernie Madoff is a lucky man. To be run a ponzi scheme for that long and not get caught is unimaginable. Almost as unimaginable as the fact that not one of his ripped clientele tried to kill him. Money is the controlling force in our nation, and to be stripped away of almost all of it is a punishment all itself. But that affects his wife and family more than him, so 150 years in a federal prison will have to do as a direct punishment for him. Whether or not this is a fair punishment for the crime committed should not fall on the general public. It should be a carefully calculated equation involving the amount of time the ponzi scheme was ran, the total dollar amount taken from the victims (without deducting the payouts to the early investors),…show more content…
He will be on permanent vacation”. But after looking into this a bit I found the long sentencing guarantees that he will be locked up in a prison right along with other dangerous criminals. Now objectors will say that he doesn’t deserve this type of prison because his crime was of money and not a dangerous crime against someone. My response to this simple. When a person murders someone else that murderer destroys the victim’s family’s lives. It has been shown all along the devastation caused by Madoff to his victims. You have to wonder where you draw the line. In this instance I believe you don’t. I think the judge made a smart decision about how the punishment should fit the crime. The severity of Ponzi scheme reflects the severity of the punishment. I noticed in the article made mention of some of the dollar amounts of his families assets. I feel that the forced liquidation of these assets is a strong step in allowing these victims to recover some of their losses. I think it is quite comical that Ruth Madoff claimed that $80 million dollars of the forfeiture was her assets. What was her profession? And if it paid that well why would Bernie have to run a Ponzi scheme. It is impossible for a person to be that clueless in today’s society. Now voluntarily blind to what
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